Sarah Baker Hansen: Omaha World Hearld

“The tasters had high hopes for the Buffalo Company, another last-day stop. The original owners of the restaurant were from Buffalo and retired earlier this year. The new owners, Omahans, held onto their secret sauce recipe. We ordered a basket of the classic wings at the waitress-recommended medium heat and an order of suicide spicy wings for Wayne.

A few bites in, the team was impressed. The wings had a super crispy exterior, a moist, meaty interior and the right amount of sauciness. The heat wasn’t overpowering but wasn’t mild, either. The flavors and seasonings in the sauce seemed to permeate each wing, making the flavor last longer with each bite.

“I think I have a new favorite,” Alice said. “As soon as I took the first bite, I felt like this was an authentic Buffalo chicken wing.”

Wayne and Jeri agreed.

“I always think my wings are the best,” Jeri said, “But these have all the right components. I would come back to eat these again. And I could drink the ranch.”

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